20/04/2019 Fantastic course, great lecturers with incredible knowledge and passion.
— Stuart B.
12/03/2019 One of the most professional team in the Sommelier world... if you want to start your journey in the wine world, you have to join at UK Sommelier Association... In one word, they are the best!
— Mario G.
22/02/2019 I just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed the course - I think it’s really well-structured and taught, and it’s been great fun as well!
— Alexia S.
26/09/218 The best Sommelier Association in the world! happy, kind and amazing people!
— Elias G.
25/09/2017 First of all I would like to thank Andrea Rinaldi and Federica Zanghirella for always being there for me in this fast paced sommelier world! I also want to show my recognition towards the entire UKSA program. They are the best and most loyal sommelier school in London! They are for you there every step of the way, you won’t get lost in this world.
— Alin L.
10/05/2017 This AIS course has been one of the most enjoyable and life changing courses I have ever studied for. All the visiting tutors were very knowledgeable and took great care to pass on that knowledge in a very learner friendly way. The course is run by dedicated professionals who pass on their love of wine and food and sommelier knowledge in a very practical and hands on way also. Each session was a perfect balance between learning and fun, laughter and tasting. They were never too busy to answer questions or support any issues there may have been, especially with my pronunciations!
Fantastic teachers, fantastic course, fantastic future awaits as an AIS sommelier. Thank you all for all your hard work in helping me to pass. I do recommend this course to anyone thinking of choosing this life path.
— Antoin O.
15/01/2017 I found the course was greatly structured, fun and very informative, as well as tasting numerous interesting and good quality wines, we got introduced to and were taught by some impressive professionals like David Bird, Virgilio,  the Sake guy I cannot remember his name,  well done to Federica and Andrea to bring them on board of their great course. Course covers many aspects of being a sommelier, but most importantly it has a practical side to it ( taught by Federica) when all the class gets involved with tasting food and pairing with wines, I found it fascinating.
Teachers were very helpful and ready to answer any questions and recommend tastings to attend to get more practice. 
I cannot wait for another course designed by UKSA to attend to, Thank you very much for all your hard work.
— Julia N.
10/04/2016 - It’s been hard to get through it but it’s finally all over! I must thank all the people that I met along this amazing journey. I couldn’t have made it without you. Thank you to the UKSA team, Federica, Armando and Andrea for their support and commitment. Proud to be an international sommelier.
— Mario D.
5/04/2016 - A huge thank you to the UK Sommelier Association team! What a great 6 month journey this has been! While the course is certainly challenging, the support along the way is incredible and completely doable. The exposure to Masters of Wine, Sommeliers, Wine Makers, Wine Distributors, etc kept the class engaging and exciting! Cheers!
— Lindsay K.
15/02/2016 - A great course in a great atmosphere, taught by wine professionals and sommeliers. The course is very complete and covers all aspect of the wine, from harvesting, winemaking, tasting analysis, wine regions to food matching, including beers and spirits as well. Very approachable and knowledgeable teachers, great organisation. I also had the opportunity to attend the Masterclasses in Olive Oils and Sake. A special thanks to Federica, Armando and Andrea for all their support and advice - which allowed me to pursue my new career as a Sommelier after 15 years working in banking and industry in Finance.
— Chantal S.
27/10/2016 - I really should be thanking you, as it was the guidance and instruction of Federica, Andrea and Armando that actually made me want to be a sommelier and not simply use the training within my existing fine wine role.
— Angus W.
18/10/2015 - I have always been a wine buff and fancied myself as a bit of a connoiseur... oh, how wrong I was! This was a very satisfying experience and changed the way I look at wine –well, drink it, mainly– in a completely different way. Loads more to learn, but this was an excellent start.
— Paula M.
15/10/2015 - The course is rich and encourages to students to interact and ask questions and give their own opinion on wine . The course also offers career advice and help in finding work. 5 stars!!!
— Elisabeth G.
11/05/2015 - When I first started the course, I approached it as a new experience, an alternative, a distraction almost from my everyday job which differs greatly. While the course was progressing, so was my interest. The increasing involvement was in fact helped by the great passion shown by the teachers. Now my “relationship” with wine has completely changed: I have on my side the technical knowledge as well as the awareness of the senses. I definitely want to cultivate this passion further and in more depth in order to learn more about wine.
— Claudia F
25/04/2015 - Not too many words to say that everything @ UK sommelier association is just PERFECT! Classes, teachers, organisation, contents, experience... Everything far beyond my most positive expectations! Thanks Federica, Andrea and Armando for giving us such a great opportunity to get to know so much about the wonderful world of wine!
— Daniela M.
18/04/2015 - I want to share my positive experience with UK Sommelier Association. The course is complete and accurate as organization, lessons and the differents teacher that I knew gave me a lot of interesting notions. The funniest and in my opinion the best teacher was David Bird, that also suggest me a UK producer to visit (Leventhorpe, very interesting white wines and sparkling). Many thanks to Federica, Andrea and Armando for the help, comprehension and kindness. I wish you all the best And hope to see you soon! Cheers G.
— Giordano G.
6/03/2015 - I started this sommelier course to increase my knowledge on wine and only lesson by lesson i realized how beautiful and ample this world was. It was an amazing journey that fulfill my questions and opened more my curiosity. This course for me was the golden gate for a new 360 degrees life experience for friendship, knowledge, traveling, and of course enjoying more in a fantastic way wine. Thanks to AIS UK: Andrea, Federica and Armando you been amazing!
— Eugenio B.
25/12/2014 - Great experience! When I joined the course I was just a curious wine lover. Now I know what is a real passion, a deep love and a very high professionalism about wine. I recommend this course to all of you, so if your idea is to discover the magnificent and amazing universe that is inside a glass of wine don’t miss the opportunity to enrol the next course. Today I am an enthusiastic Sommelier and I have to thank The Uk Sommelier Association, all my colleagues and everyone who gave his contribution to make this experience a thrilling and memorable adventure.
— Marina F.
5/09/2014 - After 25 years as a project manager within the construction industry, I decided that it was time to follow my love affair and passion for wine and reinvent myself as a sommelier. So I decided to take the step and enrol to start studying with the UK Sommeliers Association. Under there guidance and there own passion, which is so infectious, you really can’t help but to want to learn more. I embraced every moment I spent listening to there lectures, slowly turning week by week from novice to professional. I passed my exam with a fantastic result and I can honestly say it has fuelled my quest for understanding the subject even further! I would thoroughly advise anybody wishing to follow a carrier as a sommelier or even just for the pleasure to take full advantage of this course and immerse yourself in a truly exciting trip through the world of wine! A very big thank you to all concerned, especially to Andrea Rinaldi, Federica Zanghirella, Armando Pereira, as without them none of this would have been possible. Salute! Sante!
— Francis G.
24/09/2014 - In a word - amazing!! I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish and am absolutely amazed at how much I’ve actually taken in! Thanks to Andrea Rinaldi I had a couple of job interview after my Diploma, and I have been employed as Assistant manager&sommelier in a wine bar. I highly raccomend this diploma AIS to all wine lovers.
— Andrea B.
3/02/2014 - Excellent!!!! This is the word which come out thinking about the .... Course
Competent teachers, great wine, study’s material very exhaustive and covering all aspect of the wine, its production and the analysis of it with the perfect matching with the food.
The course really prepare you to an high level ready to face the world of the sommelier. I highly recommend this course to everyone (simple wine’s lover or who wants to pursuit a carrier as a sommelier).
— Serena L.
20/01/2014 - I started the Sommelier course with the AIS in September I must say that I am very happy with the way the lessons are organized and explained by very professional people. I am enjoying it very much. For me is an amazing experience to be able to increase my knowledge and my passion for the wine.
I recommend to everyone the course. It is worth it and can assure you won’t have any regrets.
— Catalina P.
15/11/2013 - Wonderful experience. All the teachers are very good comunicators and they were able to transmit to me the passion for wine. Was nice to meet people in which to share this passion. Thanks a lot!
— Nicola P.
10/11/2013 - I started the course as a wine lover and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Even though I didn’t have any previous experience in the subject, I became skilled enough to pass the final exam with a good result.
— Patrizia M.
23/10/2013 - Nearly one year ago, when I decided to start studying as a sommelier, I was scared and with no knowledge about wine. At all. I was just passionate about it! Today instead, i am proud to say that, thanks to The UK Sommelier Association, Andrea and Federica, I am a Sommelier in one of the most exclusive and well known fine dining restaurant in Mayfair, serving celebrities everyday, selling top class wines, and increasing my knowledge everyday with great professionals. Thanks to them my life has totally changed. Truly thanks guys!
— Carlo P.