Federica Zanghirella

Federica Zanghirella is fortunate enough to come from one of Italy's main wine producing regions, Piedmont.

Being brought up in such a beautiful environment, her passion for food and wine developed at a very young age, a passion that has taken her to have successfully completed the AIS (Associazione Italiana Sommelier) Course in both Italy and the United Kingdom.

An authority on food and wine pairing, due to her 'Degustatore Ufficiale' status in Italy, as well as other eminent accreditation, Federica delivers an engaging approach to wine and food pairing, captivating her audience with witty and quirky lecturers. Some of her most famed acts, include the introduction of 'deconstructed wine in a glass', taking individuals fruits, flowers, spices, spices, chocolates, fruit jams, to better understand and discover the individual elements of wine, and also quite literally blind folding the class, in order to better use their sense of smell and capture the wines aromas.

Federica is in demand as a public speaker at corporate and private food and wine pairing events, and also writes for AIS and Vitae. While her background means she can talk knowledgeably about some of the world’s finest wines, she is also a relaxed speaker who can make a wine tasting fun and inclusive.