Unlock the Secrets of Sake

Explore the regions of the Japanese Sake world: Sake@UK Sake Masterclass in collarboration with the UK Sommelier Association

There are over 1,500 sake breweries across Japan in every prefecture bar one. Like Wine sake offers characteristics that are unique to each region and sub-region and it is both challenging but possible to find these characteristics. 

2nd annual Sake@UK Sake Masterclass  (Sunday 25th September, Baglioni Hotel) will explore 5 different regions, covering the “main character” of each region. This will be a unique opportunity for sommeliers, bar managers and beverage professionals to taste unique sakes from different regions and identify the main feature & identity of each region. 

Your host for the evening will be Jonathan Beagle. Jonathan started his education in drinks from a young age, and has worked in the UK drinks industry in a variety of roles for over 9 years. Speaking Japanese it wasn't long before he came to love Japanese sake, and as well as being a qualified sommelier, is also a sake sommelier (a finalist of the inaugural Sake Sommelier of the Year in 2013) who has been head-sommelier and assistant manager at some of London's top Japanese restaurants. He currently teaches the sake module of the UKSA certified sommelier course.